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Culture & Values

Live and Breathe IT

Customer-centric organization

Everything we do is led by a deep understanding of our Clients and our Audiences.
Their strategy. Their initiatives. Their challenges.
We listen to AND observe our customers so that when we propose a solution, we are very clear what their problem is.

Own IT

We are empowered and accountable

We strive to create an environment where people feel that they are empowered to do what is right for our customers and right for the business. With this comes agility and responsiveness. We recognise that “With great (em)power(ment) comes great responsibility.”. Collectively and as individuals, we take responsibility for the outcomes of our actions. Good and bad. And we are not afraid to make mistakes, so we are prepared to admit to them and vow to learn from them.

Improve IT

Always improving

Just because that’s how we have always done it, it doesn’t make it the only or best way to do it. Just because we tried and failed in the past, does not mean it can’t work in the future. Just because it has never been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Celebrate IT

Rewarding performance

We are a meritocracy. Like justice, blind to everything other than the merits of the effort and the outcome. And whilst we move at pace, we do not forget to take the time to recognise the efforts of our colleagues and friends.

Enjoy IT

Having fun

The ingredients include a large dose of respect for our colleagues, a dash of friendship and an equal measure of humility and humour. This makes Informa Tech a great place where people choose to work.

In IT Together

In IT Together

We are one team. We create an environment of trust, collaboration and open communications. We all support each other and are aligned and committed to a common ambition. This embodies our adventurous spirit, our appreciation of the value of all our colleagues and our recognition of the ways everyone contributes to our collective success